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Our relationship has been the primary vessel for our own healing & awakening journey, & our deepest passion is to support other conscious couples in journeying whole-heartedly into radical honesty, liberation, expansion & awakening.

Our 2:2 couples mentorships; intimate retreats; & commitment ceremonies & vowel renewals are bespoke & highly tailored to the unique desires & needs of you as a couple and as individuals.

Imagine the benefits of prioritising time for your relationship in the same way you prioritise time for work, fitness & family events?

Unmasking as a couple to reveal our deeper truths, inner struggles, & raw edges is Sacred work & cultivates a depth of intimacy beyond what many deem possible.
Taking radical responsibility for ourselves, allows us to develop greater understanding, compassion & unconditional love for ourselves & one another. As we build our capacity to reveal our deeper experiences, needs & desires with radical responsibility & honesty, we gift the other the opportunity to rise before us & meet us in love. Without projecting these needs on to the other. This leads to greater understanding, compassion & unconditional love for one another, whilst being safely held in boundaries & sacred trust.

We offer a complimentary synergy call to couples interested in working with us so we can explore how we may best support you expand in to your next level of your intimacy, polarity & commitment to Truth & Love.

(For more of our own story, click here).

Couples Mentorship

3 Months |  Online

Let's be clear from the get go; this is not your regular "couples therapy". This is your invitation to be held in unconditional support as you evolve your relationship to it's next level of honesty, understanding, connection & passion.
Your 3-month mentorship allows for adequate tine & spac
e to ground high-level spiritual viewpoints & practices into the rawness & reality of daily life. Feel more present, aware and ultimately whole as you distinguish between your personal needs & desires, & what is truly best for 'your kingdom' which includes your beloved & the whole of your life.
Whilst we do not shy away from 'problems' in any way, our Sacred Union mentoring focuses on building on whatever is already really working in your relationship, & drawing on your synergistic gifts to support one another in your growth as individuals as well as a couple. 
We meet you both wherever you are at (be that newly in love or married with children) & reveal the practices & processes we embody on a daily basis that enable us to continue to deepen each year whilst maintaining excitement within & without of the bedroom.

  • Re-ignite your passion for one another & inspiration for your lives

  • Discover yourselves and one another with greater compassion, freedom, excitement & intrigue than ever before.

  • Cultivate deeper unconditional love for one another

  • Increasing your freedom & capacity to meet one's own needs

  • Release any unconscious enmeshment &/or neediness.

... & so much more. Bespoke. Transformative. Igniting.

Day Retreats

3-6 hours  |  Hobart (Elsewhere upon inquiry)

You love each other deeply yet find it hard to create time away from work, children & other social/life commitments to focus on what too easily gets left 'off the list': your RELATIONSHIP. 

Perfect for the couple who want to 'test the waters' for a weekend retreat, who are time poor, or have a specific issue they wish to address, clear, or enhance.

Renew your sense of connection, passion & inspiration as you devote a truly unique half or full day to one another. Sacredly held by both Aaron & Greer, the day retreats include a "pre-retreat" call to identify the key areas most beneficial to focus on during your time with us. This is a powerful opportunity to re-cement your shared values & needs as a couple, whilst inspiring you to build on all that you already have & share.

Image by Caleb Ekeroth

Weekend Retreats

2-3 Nights |  Australia-Wide

It's amazing what can unfold, transform & ignite over a weekend of conscious intention.
Held in stunning, secluded properties, you'll be 'feeling the feels' as soon as you arrive. Be nourished by amazing food, conversation, explorat
ion & illumination as you receive in-depth & all-access support by Aaron & Greer.
To be held in this space with such love, non-judgement & focus is truly exceptional & couples who join us for retreat come away feeling closer, more connected & more understanding of one another's deeper needs & desires than ever before.

No nudity or acts of sex will be practiced (aside from what unfolds within the privacy of your bedroom of course), however conversations around sex & sensuality will be had if appropriate & supportive to you as a couple. Any questions can be clarified in a complimentary call with us.
Retreats are held over 2-3 nights, either
2:2 with just Aaron & Greer, or as an intimate group of fellow conscious couples (3 couples max) for those who prefer.

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Complimentary Call

Ready to take the first step? Set up a complimentary call with Aaron & Greer & the two of you & let's explore how we may best support you at this time.

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