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Our Story
Divine Union. Sacred Devotion.

We are kindred spirits, bound by the Truth of Love, weaving lifetime after lifetimes to Be Here Now as Way-showers of Divine Union with a mission to birth Heaven on Earth.


We currently live in Southern Tasmania with Greer's 2 daughters & our toddler, Kaizen. 

Both our journeys before meeting one-another were vastly different, yet, when we met, there was a spark and connection that was undeniable and required a great deal of trust and vulnerability to remember who we are to one another.

What started as a friendship and shared passion for personal growth and spiritual expansion soon blossomed into an exploration of our masculine and feminine expressions. This evolved into an unwavering commitment to healing, transmuting and integrating our light and shadow nature.

Every level and chapter of our relationship grew in intensity and brought forth a greater level of self-mastery that rippled into all areas of our life.


Such is the path of Divine Union; the balancing/harmonizing of masculine/feminine, truth/love, ego/soul, spirit/matter & light/dark.

It’s our experience that the embracing and embodiment of this principle in all its different dimensions creates a sense of wholeness and loving sovereignty within oneself.


This journey has had a profoundly positive flow on affect into our family unit.

When we are in balance and synergy within ourselves and one another, this is reflected in our children and our capacity to be in a conscious relationship translates into our capacity to be conscious parents.

We really believe it takes a village to raise a child. As such, the vision for our family is to be living in a cooperative, self-sustaining, nature-based community; a sanctuary for our children to thrive. We are connecting with other conscious men, women, couples and parents who share similar values to create our own version of heaven on earth here, now; and for the future generations.

Life is an inner game, and that our outer reality is a reflection of our internal state. This is not to say that we only focus on what’s good and bypass our shadow. Rather, we see the light and dark as complimentary opposites. Our wounds, trauma and unresolved pain contain unique gifts and qualities within them. When we have the courage to turn towards, lean in & reveal them; we get to unlock & embody the treasure they each hold.

We’ve helped many couples turn their relationships from simply existing and getting by together into dynamic, fulfilling and transformative containers for true soul embodiment. What we’ve seen in other, and experienced within our own union, is that genuine lovingly intimacy starts BEFORE sex. When couples learn the art of lovingly holding space for one another’s shadow process, a deep deep trusting bond is created that sets the foundation for a truly intimate and passionate sex life.

In addition to this, we have supported couples who are feeling frustrated, misunderstood and resentful towards one another come in to deep acceptance, love & appreciation for one another – regardless of whether they decide to lovingly release one another from intimate partnership.

And, we’ve supported many single people, yearning for love and intimacy, turn their relationship with themselves around, to come to a place of deep self-acceptance whilst building emotional skill set and self-awareness that will prepare them for their path of Divine Union with a beloved.

We only ever ‘teach’ what we live & embody in our daily lives. And we make no distinction between our ‘work’ & our life. It’ all one. We are one. And we are so honoured to offer the Services & Events we do. If you resonate with our vision & our mission, we invite you to join us for a complimentary connection call to explore how we might best serve You.


Our Vision

“We intend to be a living example of the power of the knowing of how joyful, loving and abundant life can be when we liberate ourselves from past traumas and conditioning to embody the truth of our soul. To show that unconditional love is possible, and available to us all. That life is worth living to its fullest potential.”

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