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The living intelligence & nourishing wisdom
of Mother Earth


The living light of our eternal nature,
embodied as heart-centred consciousness.

Coming Up Next

Summer 2024 Events now up!

  • Illuminate
    Thu, 28 Dec
    Industrie Performing Arts
    28 Dec 2023, 9:30 am – 29 Dec 2023, 2:30 pm
    Industrie Performing Arts, 62 Cambridge Rd, Bellerive TAS 7018, Australia
    Half-Day retreat for women with Greer Ashley Christos & Emma Miley
  • January Summer Circle
    January Summer Circle
    Sun, 21 Jan
    Industrie Performing Arts
    21 Jan 2024, 2:00 pm – 22 Jan 2024, 4:00 pm
    Industrie Performing Arts, 62 Cambridge Rd, Bellerive TAS 7018, Australia
    Women's Sacred Circle, Non-Linear Movement & Seasonal Self-Care
  • February Summer Circle
    February Summer Circle
    Sun, 18 Feb
    Industrie Performing Arts
    18 Feb 2024, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
    Industrie Performing Arts, 62 Cambridge Rd, Bellerive TAS 7018, Australia
    Women's Sacred Circle, Non-Linear Movement & Seasonal Self-Care
  • Summer Self-Love Series
    Summer Self-Love Series
    DEC 23 - FEB 24
    DEC 23 - FEB 24
    Bellerive, 62 Cambridge Rd, Bellerive TAS 7018, Australia
    Devote yourself to your self-care this Summer!


The Gaia Christos Foundation has been established to assist humanity in reclaiming and reconnecting to its physical & spiritual, health & sovereignty,at a grass-roots community level, so that we can all live with more joy, peace, prosperity & freedom.

Life on planet earth right now is intense and to deny the truth of our situation on exacerbates the problem.

The state of our poor mental, physical or spiritual health; is a symptom of the disconnection between us and the earth, our bodies, our tribe and family,
our hearts and our spirit.

It’s this same disconnection that is at the core of the society which is making us sicker and sicker.

Whether it’s the degradation and poisoning of our food supply and natural ecosystems; our collective attention, focus and power being high jacked by fear-driven news media and addictive technology; the inter-generational trauma we have all inherited (with most of us illequipped to deal with it); or the pressures and stresses just to cover basic-cost of living expenses for the average family.

While all these issues, when grouped together, may seem insurmountable, the fact is, the solutions to all this dis-ease, is found in a reconnection.

Our Vision...

For humanity to come back to a state of reverence for the earth and stop using her kingdoms as a commodity.A healthy and vibrant humanity that reconnects with the wisdom and power of heart-centered consciousness, where the emphasis on community living leads to a cooperative and generous way of being for all.

The roles of motherhood and fatherhood are restored to the highest of value and importance in humanity’s collective mindset, and social structures and systems emphasize the highest possible support for mothers and fathers to nurture their children to the highest capacity.

We believe...

An individual living in a state of wholeness and self-love,
will live in a state of oneness and unity with others and the Earth.
-This is what humanity needs most right now.

That a better world and society is possible when individuals raise their consciousness and act with grater love, responsibility and morality.


There resides a living intelligence within our hearts and within the natural world. This intelligence is an interconnected web of life and has an innate impulse to restore balance and harmony.

That the health of the physical body is the foundation for a heart centred, spiritual life and that there is a direct relationship with the health of the body and the level of consciousness one can attain.

That we live in a holographic universe and the greatest way we can heal the planet is healing our own body temple. When we heal ourselves, we heal the planet, when we heal the planet, we heal ourselves.

That food can be medicine, when grown in an organic, regenerative way and thus, the earth provides the remedies we seek to live more optimally and vibrantly.

The capacity to truly nurture others will always be limited by the amount that we are able to self-nurture. Self-care & radical responsibility is thus a core component of being able to make a difference in the lives of others.

As humans, we are multi-dimensional beings & thus require a multi-layered approach to our healing & self-liberation.


There is no one-remedy perfect for all but there is always a remedy that can support each person’s unique challenge, need or desire.

It takes a village to raise a child, that children are our future and therefore, the role of Mother and Father is sacred. All Mothers and Fathers should be abundantly supported to provide the presence and care a young child needs.

That a parents/care-givers well-being has a direct relationship with the well-being of their child, and therefore, parents must honour their own well-being needs and healing journey for the sake of their children.

that masculine and feminine energies are a universal principle, reflected in nature and not merely a social construct.
We believe BOTH masculine and feminine energies are contained within BOTH sexes - Men and Women, and that balancing these energies within an individual is integral to live in a state of wholeness.

Global problems require local solutions,
and NOT more bureaucracy and government control.

That true freedom and sovereignty requires radical responsibility and a society acting in accordance with basic morality would facilitate greater freedom for all.


  • Create a conscious community dedicated to the healing of themselves and the planet.

  • Create sacred spaces for people to heal, grow and reconnect to themselves and the planet. This includes mens, womens and couples work with workshops, ceremonies, courses and retreats.

  • Guide people in the ways of holistic living. This includes the wisdom of Ayurveda and growing food at home.

  • Co-create a healing sanctuary and retreat space that will cater for various healing modalities (and soul weddings.) The food for all the events and retreats will be grown on site and there will be regularly run food-growing workshops to empower the community to grow their own.We will blend the best of modern science with ancient earth wisdom to provide a space for people to gather, celebrate, transform, reconnect, heal and grow. The healing sanctuary will become a blueprint to be replicated around the world.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."




We host & co-facilitate regular events across Australia. To apply for us to support you in your next event, or to connect in relation to any of our Services, connect with us by clocking below:

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